How to support us

Our startup will be happy to welcome any support. In the following text you can read how to help the Archeev idea and how to become an investor of Archeev.

The first and perfect way how to help us is sharing our idea with other people. Just press the share button and we will be happy if you give us your comments. Share it personally with your friends. It costs nothing, but it will be priceless support for Archeev.

Become an Active member of the Archeev community and start creating places and events. You will become the best-know organizer of sport or cultural events and the best-know organizer of the best parties in your city

If you are interested in project Archeev and you would like to join the Archeev team and help us build, contact us and we will be happy to meet you personally.

If you are interested in investing in Archeev, there is nothing easier than contacting us.In the Archeev office, which is the middle drawer of a desk, under a photography of Mr. Vorac, from elementary school, as well as a lot of documents of many other projects, which are designed to dramatically expand the services of Archeev. These projects will gradually develop, and loving investments will get the ball rolling quicker.
Join us and become the one, the one who is directly involved in Archeev.

The Archeev team

Jan Vorac CEO
Jiri Brandejs COO


So dont wait and join us!!!