Beginning story

I opened the door to my new London flat in January 2014. I was in a new country, in a new city, where I came to search my new home. I had the fear of the unknown since I left Prague airport. I opened the door and I saw Jan's smiling face, for the first time. Jan was a young and ambitious man. We decided to establish a new company Archeev, two years later. We started to work in an absolutely new field for both of us, in I.T.

I would like to introduce ourselves. My name is Jiri Brandejs and the young man, my very good friend and also associate in the Archeev company is Jan Vorac. Besides our business, we are also interested in meeting new people from the whole world, traveling, sport, music, books, fun with friends etc. Because we shared the same apartment, we found that we had a lot of common interests, such as partying, having fun with women, very wild parties in parks, in the streets, nice women, finding new fascinating experiences, whiskey, nice women all around, good beer, extreme sports, live music, bulk trips with lots of people in nice places, or events.

But any entertainment starts to be boring after some time. Life becomes boring. It happened to us also, so we started looking for new ways of finding new people, experiencing and exploring new possibilities. However, the results were very limited, and despite spending a lot of time on internet. We were not able to find a quality or fast source of information.

We were living separately when Jan, called me one evening, expressing that he needed to speak with me very urgently and personally. I had known him only for a while, but I knew, that there would soon be important changes. An hour later we were drinking beer in our favourite pub, King William IV in Leyton and Jan started: ''I need something more, I need to live my life as I want, not how somebody else wants. I need to know how far I can go.'' And I approvinglly nodded and replied: '' The only way is to start our own company, making jobs of our hobbies. That was the time we first mentioned the idea of a new social network, Archeev, which would connect people outside in the real world not at home on a computers. It would pull people out to have fun, meet new people or travel to Archeev events and places, in real world.
Network, is the source we were looking for.

After a few glasses of whiskey at the bar, we shook hands and promised ourselves, that we will fulfil our dreams through Archeev. We have been working every free minute on it, since then.

I would like to thank you for reading my words and I am giving Jan a chance to say a few words.

COO & Founder
Jiri Brandejs


What Archeev is