About Archeev

When I invented Archeev with Jiri, we wanted to leave most of our personalities in it. We wanted, Archeev give people, what we expected from life. Therefore we followed a few slogans. One of them was ''Life is a show''. By remembering this, it help us to start new novel social network, that would make a "show" of your life.

Archeev is very substandard in fact, the users can share information about special places, group activities, organized in these places. So you can quickly and easily find places, that you should visit, though Archeev. In addition, you can visit or organize events in these Archhev locations about every topic and for any number of visitors.

Since the initially idea we have developed a clear and simple vision.

So what do we want?

-We want to make finding new friends easier an comfortable for everybody.
-We want people to have more fun and discover new leisure opportunities.
-We want to set off enthusiastically, discovering new places, events therefore creating new experiences.

And what do we wish?

-We wish to raise the level of organizing events, taking familiarization and entertainment one step further.
-We wish that Archeev events will be anywhere around the world , created by outgoing people. Events where people will easily and personally become acquainted and have fun according to Archeev Ten Commandments.

What do we dream of?

We dream about changes…

What awaits anyone, who takes the Archeev: fun, new friends, new relationship, new hobbies, travelling and countless new experiences.

Enough has been said, Archeev will start very soon, come and change something with us.

Pleasant wishes for the rest of the day

CEO & Founder
Jan Vorac


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