Project of first world truly social network

Built from the beginning by people like you for people like you, because we don't want to waste time behind the screen anymore. Because the real adventures happen offline.


We want to bring back the real emotions and socialising face2face. Choose or create a place/event and meet new people with the same interests.

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Why do we do that?

24% of people missed important moments in real life because they were too busy trying to share them on social channels

3 out of 5 people spend more time socialising online than they do face2face

25% of people admitted to having difficulties in relationships because of confrontational online behaviour

While spending time on social networks people tend to forget about the real life outside - meeting new people, exploring new places, having fun and enjoying life to the fullest. Archeev is different. Archeev is a tool thanks to which we want to bring back the real emotions that emoticons can’t replace - laugh, joy, funny facial expressions and typical gestures. All this can only happen outside in a good company..

It's only up to you. Choose or create.

What's going on and how it works

What is Archeev?

Archeev is new truly social network and personalised environment which you can quickly and easily create together with others.Together we share, create and update information about Archeev's places and events where you'll meet a lot of people and experience new adventures! Archeev is a tool for real entertainment and socialising face2face.

What do you mean by Archeev places&events?

Places you want to see and you definitely want to know that they exist. Simply choose a place you want to visit according to how you feel today. You can also create events on these places and invite Archeev people that have this place in their interest. The most favorite events are parc parties, group sports and artistic shows. But the main purpose of every Archeev event is meeting new people, sharing your interests and simply having fun.

May i also create an event?

Sure! Do you want to entertain people or you have a special interest and want to know more people with the same one? Just create it! You might easily become famous and favorite Archeev event organizer.

How can I get to know someone on Archeev?

For sure on some Archeev event where you have follow 10 Archeev Commandments! But whenever you want to meet someone in particular just send him Archeev telegram with place or event invitation.

3 steps

Check Archeev

Find out whats new in your neighbourhood or wherever you want to go. Choose what you find interesting and why not to let your friends know as well.

Get ready

Have you chose to do sports, to see a drama or just to hang out with your friends? Don’t forget to dress yourself accordingly and put you in a good mood.

..and go!

Now when you are ready just have fun and dont forget about Archeev´s Ten Commandments!


We all like to hang out. We all like to spend time together and share experiences with our friends and we all like to meet new people face2face. Everything new and "first" is always exciting. So dont wait and start discovering new places and meeting new people right now!

Every little bit helps!

Archeev is created by people for other people. Thats why we need your help as well. Archeev is going to be launched soon but before that we would like to have the most important places and events already there. Do you know some interesting place or event you want to share with others? Join us and get to know more.

Help us bring back real emotions

You can follow our journey on Facebook where you will also find the launch date soon. Or look at Archeev´s behind the scene on Instagram.

Archeev Team

CEO & Founder
Favourite drink: Pilsner Urquel, Laphroaig, Haig Club
Favourite food: Flash-grilled prime beef steak
COO & Founder
Favourite drink: Stella Artois, Glenmorangie
Favourite food: Tenderloin sauce with six dumplings